The rapid evolution of technology and learning is offering new ways to new knowledge and educational practice. This is evident also in the educational and clinical psychology field that benefit from technology elements and in the same time provide new inputs for designing technological prototypes and tools. Technology can play a crucial supportive role in improving the quality and outcomes of learning. Likewise, technology can help people in meeting their psychological needs in everyday life promoting human well-being.

Psychology, Learning, ad Technology Conference (PLT) aims to explore learning paths that incorporate digital technologies in innovative and transformative ways and the improvement of the psychological and relational life, in this triple helix between psychological studies, educational and pedagogical practices and technology opportunities. The conference includes topics about the methodology of application of the ICT tools in psychology and education: from the intersection between emotion and learning to the application of artificial intelligence in education; from the teaching, learning, and assessment strategies and practices to the new frontiers on Technology Enhanced Learning.

PLT aims at becoming a meeting point for researchers in education, psychology, computing, and to all those who have an interest in the future of learning with technology. The Conference is expected to advance a set of scientific knowledge and methodologies of intervention that can be purposefully applied to the design and development of technologies that support the learning process.

PLT engages researchers, practitioners, educational developers, entrepreneurs to address current challenges and advances in the field.

This Second Edition of PLT is free, thus no fee is required. It is open to all researchers, including early stage researchers, that are encouraged to apply. Indeed, PLT aims to promote a community of practice in this field, offering different perspectives from multidisciplinary fields (e.g., psychology, education, computer science).

Keynote speaker of the conference will be Nakayama Minoru (Tokyo Institute of Technology)

PLT is organized by University of Foggia and will be held in Foggia (Italy) on November 17-18, 2022.